Jilly and Adam First Time Fucking on the Sink
Produced by Thelewdcouple
Starring these models:
"Jilly and Adam fuck on the counter 4 the 1st time and cum at the same time."

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Adam and I were just about to take our shower together (we always shower together) when we started making out... Then I decided right then and there that I was going to grab the camera and tripod and film us trying out fucking on the bathroom basin for the first time. Oddly enough it really was the first time even though we've done just about every depraved act we could possibly dream of! Yes, this is a little vanilla compared to some of the things we've done, but it is NO less hot... To make sure I get his massive cock as hard as possible, I get on my knees while he sits on the sink and suck him off, trying really hard to get it as far in my tiny mouth as I can. You can see spit dripping out of my mouth and down to my chest, dripping off of his dick when I take it out to jack him off. My mouth always waters when I think about his dick in my mouth... Then we switch sides and he licks my pussy, making sure he gets me even wetter than I already was so he can get inside me easier. I'm already squealing and moaning so loudly because it feels so fucking amazing. He stops and makes sure my legs are still wide open so I'm ready for him to get inside me. Even though he's still got my spit all over his dick and I'm SO wet, it still takes a good minute or so of pretty hard work to get his huge cock in my little pussy, but when he's finally all the way in he's fucking me nice and slow, making me take every inch of him. We both already know we're going to cum so hard and so easily from this encounter. He grabs on to me, thrusting himself inside me as hard and as deep as I beg him to. When I'm getting closer to cumming, as I'm telling him I'm about to, you can hear me let out almost inhuman-sounding squeaks and squeals... He picks me up from the counter, grabbing on to my ass for leverage as he's fucking me, I'm bouncing up and down on his dick, we're both fucking each other as hard as we can. The entire time he's concentrating on doing nothing but pleasing me with his big dick... Finally I start to cum and he sets me down against the counter as he starts to cum inside me too. As I'm panting and moaning, he lets out a loud, satisfied groan while his dick is pulsing hot cum into my little pussy... We both stay still for a while, exhausted from what just happened (an all-too-common mutual orgasm) then he takes his cock out and you can see a good amount of the cum dripping out... It's so fucking sexy. There's no way you wouldn't love this video.

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