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This is the sister site of UMD.NET, the premier "wet and messy" fetish site of the internet. UMD Fetish was built to support our members' interests outside of the WAM fetish, but to hopefully carry over the same community principles and morale that we have spent nearly two decades cultivating.

Our groups will be added slowly and deliberately as we become aware of a clear but general fetish for it, and are able to find moderator(s) to run it who truly understand not only that particular fetish, but understand and pledge to our unique approach to running a community forum. If you want to suggest a group, or if you've been a member of UMD.NET for a long time and think you can run one, please contact us and speak to us your case for why you think such a forum could be popular.

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UMD Fetish is a private company based in Delaware:
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Frequently Asked
Why would I offer Name Your Price
...after all, nobody is going to pay for something when they can get it for free, right?

Name Your Price (NYP) is feature that allows download store owners to offer downloads where the customer chooses the price, down to $0.

NYP is primarily an advertising / exposure tool. It's like offering free video trailers, except with NYP the customer has the option to actually pay you for it (like a tip jar). But they may not, so it would be unwise to think of NYP as your primary way to offer all your content, or even items that are brand new or that you really need to recoup funds on.

It is important for you to understand NYP's place as a tool that's available for you to boost exposure in a novel way. People are drawn to the prospect of something free and the empowerment of choosing their price, so that's the lure. Tons of people are going to flock to your NYP content, and many really will download it for free, just like a video trailer. We pay for the bandwidth so you can do this. The point is to use it to bring exposure to your brand and the rest of your catalog. But if you are going to be angry at people grabbing any particular piece of content for free, then you probably should not offer it as NYP.

Many producers have actually made very good income using NYP, but it's up to you to calculate whether your advertising M.O. would benefit from either using it extensively, dabbling in it strategically, or not at all. If you can't fit something like NYP into the bigger picture of your business model, then it's recommended that you not use it.
Why do my scenes have more downloads than sales?
When you view My Scenes from your profile, you are shown all of your scenes. Each has a column that shows you how many sold, and how many downloaded. The "Downloads" hit counter is normally higher than actual "Sold" count, for the following reasons:

Customers are promised a 5-day window in which to access their purchases, in which time they may decide to download it again and again. They need this window so they can retry failed downloads on flaky network connections, and so they can generally enjoy their purchases without feeling rushed.

The download hit counter increments every time a customer accesses a file in your download. So if your download has 2 files, it can easily have twice as many downloads as the number sold.

The download hit counter may increment if a user decides to play it in realtime (instead of downloading it first), and skips around the video during playback. Each time this happens, our server may see it as a new request.

So the download counter does get inflated because it is reporting every access to your files, for the above 3 reasons. It is our job to constantly make sure it is not inflated because of file sharing or fraud, and here is how we do it:

Every customer must be registered, e-mail verified, and logged in before buying anything. We do not email any content retrieval codes that can be passed around, and even if we did, the user has to first log in with his username and password to retrieve the purchases. File sharing can only happen if multiple users actually log into the account that purchased the content, and we have all sorts of security in place (automated and manual) to prevent multiple account log-ins at this site.

In addition to the hit counter, we keep permanent logs of every access to your files. You have access to the logs, too: Just edit the scene and click the Access Log button. We can't show you the customers' IP addresses, but that is how we internally track accesses and know that it's the same legitimate user and not multiple fraudsters accessing your stuff.

We keep even more detailed records than we can show you. If you have any suspicions at all, please hit us up via the Contact Us page, and we will be glad to research anything and give you all the detail you require.
How do store owners handle taxes?
We do not send out the annual 1099 tax form to our store owners. Since we use 3rd-party payment services to pay you, they are obligated by law to send you their own annual 1099k tax income form by January 31. Therefore you will not receive any 1099 forms from us, nor do we report your income directly to the IRS, which would possibly cause double taxation. You will only receive a 1099k from your payment service if you made at least $20,000 and had 200 transactions during the year. (The usual $600 threshold does not apply to you when getting paid via an electronic payment service instead of directly.) Because laws change, we protect ourselves by still asking that all producers participating in our store system supply us with a completed W9 or W-8BEN.

Whether or not you receive a 1099k, still be sure to report this extra income on your taxes. In the USA, you report them to the IRS on form 1040 C. Info on that here.

To get a report from us on your total annual sales income, use the pulldown on the top-left corner of your Payouts page.
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