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Who May Use This Site
You must be at least 18 years old, and living in a place in which it is legal, to use any part of this site. This site contains images and text which are oriented toward an adult audience or that you may find offensive. (18 U.S.C. 2257 Statement)

Content Allowed
Our site is for content creators and their fans to share and enjoy erotic fetish material. Plain porn is not expected, and super-hardcore content will not be allowed. We will not link to any sites that contain real or implied depictions of shitting, forced sex, violence, passing out, drugs, hallucinating, inebriation, non-consensual sex, vomiting, beastiality, live animals or bugs, celebrities, incest, nudists, pedos, or necrophilia, even if it's totally fake, implied, or spoken. We do not allow web site submissions that contain affiliate linking codes in them, or any type of gambling or raffles.

For all picture and video content uploaded to any area of this site, the same rules apply as for our web site directory, but we have an additional rule that no pissing can be present anywhere in the content. Please make sure there are no children anywhere in your uploaded content in any context, including the background.

In the user profiles and personal galleries, off-topic content is allowed to be uploaded and linked, so long as it pertains to the user and is not just generic porn content.

User Conduct
Our community expects some constructive criticism of sites, content, and people, but we will not tolerate disrespect. This means no name-calling, physical threats, personal attacks, posting of someone's personal information, flame bait, flooding with messages, impersonating others, harassing through private messages (in the inbox or chat), or stuffing your opinion down peoples throats by use of repetition. We will take action when we deem that a user is purposely trying to upset the peace or trick others regarding his own identity. We do not allow the misrepresentation of your gender, or the use of our User Profile system to deceive others about who you really are. We do not allow the trading of passwords to pay-sites anywhere on this site. Please post your messages in the appropriate forum for that topic, or they may be moved by a moderator. You can feel comfortable about speaking your mind without tip-toeing around every word you type, but the moderators will move or erase any content, or ban any user, that is deemed necessary to keep the site legal and peaceful. If you have a problem with another user, or disagree with something a moderator has done, contact us on the Contact form.

Moderator / Group Host Guidelines
The main job of moderators and group hosts is not to kick and ban, but to make sure everybody is having fun. We cannot promote a comfortable, productive atmosphere by publicly admonishing or warning our members, even if they are obviously in the wrong. Treat each member the way you would a guest in your house. Don't say anything you wouldn't say to their face.

Besides the moderation tools, use private inboxing as the preferred way to correct a user. Only issue a public reply to an issue when you feel there is actual value in everyone else seeing it, too. When you inbox a user, remember that you are on their side, and you're just trying to help get him in line with the rules. Do not create new or sticky threads just to remind people of the rules; Contact site admin to discuss rule changes and to update the built-in Group Traits. Normal forum rules apply to Groups unless otherwise noted.

While there is no obligation for Group Hosts to do anything, they may be auto-removed if they are not active in some way on their group within a 3-month period. (Groups themselves may be removed after a long period of inactivity.)

Please do NOT use Paypal to pay or accept payment for any type of business negotiated at this site, whether it is for physical or digital products and services, customs, or otherwise. It is against their terms of use. Their idea of what is "adult" is more stringent than yours, and they will suspend your account for it. It also looks bad on us because they know where it happened. We don't need that: Paypal is our business partner because they chose to accept payments through our biller, Epoch, so it is important to us that all visitors to respect this rule. Users that we find negotiating actual business here via Paypal may have their accounts suspended.

We are just following the rules ourselves and have no interest in stifling your business; There are several other money transfer services that may be more lenient with these types of personal transactions, and we have no problems with you using those. The use of Paypal at your own external web site is of course your choice and not against our terms, but please do that at your own risk.

Our users visit this site to get informed on legitimate, fresh wam content and news. News about your wam site or product is important for them to know, whether you are affiliated with us or not. But any attempt to overrepresent your product over others will be seen as spam. Please do not create new forum threads for a product you've already plugged before, or strategically bump existing forum threads back to the top with senseless replies. We don't allow banners in forum posts or signatures because they look junky.

Links and Advertising
For a site to be listed in our what's new section, it must either be a new site, a newly-redesigned site, or a site that has been updated with a significant amount of content. Small things such as a new picture of the day or running a sale are not significant enough to warrant a what's new listing.

Our linking to sites in the directory, forums, and various other locations does not denote endorsement of those sites. This site cannot be held responsible for anything that happens as a result from your visiting or patronizing them. That includes paid orders that have not been fulfilled, pay-sites that do not meet your expectations, and credit card or other types of fraud. We make a reasonable effort to keep the clearly illegitimate sites out of our database, but there is no substitute for doing your own research and finding out who is reputable before you send them your hard-earned money. It is not advised that you pay for goods by money order, or any other type of payment with which you could not get your money back if things turn sour.

For a site to advertise or have a link here, it must not contain products or services that include material stolen from other wet and messy genre producers. If we find stolen material from other wam producers on your site, we will give you a fair warning to remove it, and if you do not comply, your site will be completely removed. If someone has problems with a site, they may contact us about it, and we will in turn contact the webmaster/producer to offer a chance for them to rebut. If they don't respond within reasonable time, their link will be deleted.
Download Store and Refund Policy
Digital purchases made on the download store will be downloadable for a period of 5 days via your My Downloads section. These files are very large, so you must make sure that you have a reliable internet connection that is fast and robust enough to complete downloads that are the size of your purchase. You may not share or distribute any of the files that you purchase via any p2p, file sharing service, bit torrent, or any other method. By purchasing, you state that you are at least 18 years of age, and are accessing content from a location where it is legal to do so. Refund policy: Because of the nature of digital downloads, consideration for a refund will only be made after a full explanation of why you were not able to enjoy your purchase. Please review all of the promotional materials for your prospective purchase before committing to buying it, and note that some download scenes do not have videos in them. Producers participating in the download store system agree that they own or possess the copyright or license for everything they upload, that it's is legal, and that it abides by our content rules.

By uploading content, producers acknowledge and agree to the fees that will be deducted from each sale. Producers will be paid once per week, according to the instructions on the Add New Scene page. All actors and actresses in all uploaded scenes must be of legal age, and if there is any sexual activity, or anything else that Title 18 U.S.C. 2257 would require records for, the Producers must supply Custodian of Records information in the field provided for the corresponding download store of that material. The administrators of the site will review your content before approval and possibly after approval to make sure your content is on-topic and the files are not corrupt. Your content must contain "wam" as set by our community definition of wam. We do not accept material on our store that has scat or urine even when combined with wam. We will not allow any content that is illegal, features violence or hate, has children in any context, or depicts non-consensual sex. We give producers the ability to "un-publish" or hide content from the store temporarily, but as we do not charge storage fees, we may remove any content that has been hidden for too long, after a warning. When uploading content, producers will retain full ownership and copyright of their material. But the producer extends to us an unlimited license to store, duplicate, distribute, and sell said content. The producer may remove his material from sale on the store at any time, and may remove the actual files from our servers after any paying customers' access to the material has expired. We reserve the right to reject or remove any content from the store at any time, even if it has already been for sale or has sold copies. The producer assumes all responsibility for any legal repercussions resulting from the sale of their material, including but not limited to copyright disputes, and issues and conflicts with the models and actors. We do not hold responsibility for tracking down people who violate our terms of use by sharing purchased material.

Custom Films
We support all producers who offer custom film creation services. We allow linking to and advertising web sites for those services without prior approval. But no person may use the inboxing or chat systems system to solicit or negotiate personalized film creation services to other users, without being listed on our Approved Custom Producers list.

To get on the list, you must be explicitly approved by the site owner. For consideration, you must own a download store on this site, containing active content for sale. This rule ensures that you have a public entry in our producer ratings area, and gives prospective customers some example content to review. Your store must have a reasonably consistent history of updates, and you must show good communication with other members of this site. You are not required to actually sell your custom content on this site; Only to be listed if you want to solicit our members. For consideration, contact admin.

Crowdfunding and Fundraisers
We do not allow the advertisement of any crowdfunding campaigns, or requests to receive money from multiple people, if there is a promise of a product or service for it, because we cannot guarantee delivery of that product or service. Plain fundraisers, where there is no expectation of anything in return, are acceptable. We do not allow raffles, either in isolation, or in combination with paid product, because we cannot vouch for or guarantee the winnings after the customer has paid for the chance to win.

Chat room
Our chat service is meant for willing participants to hang out and have a good time. But please understand how easy it is to unintentionally annoy other users with such a system. We ask that you extend extra courtesy, space, and respect to everyone you meet here, and report to us those who don't get this concept. Also, please be careful with what personal information you give out. We want to stay safe and keep the wam party going yall.

Use the classifieds (and other forums and chat) at your own risk. The owners of this site will not be held accountable for any events that arise from contacts made on or because of this site, its forums, nor its chatroom. Please use caution when giving out personal information on the web, and when meeting people you don't know. No illegal activity may be promoted, including prostitution or sexcort services.

Fair Use
By uploading, hot-linking, or HTML-embedding any images, videos, or other content to our site via the forum or any other facility, you acknowledge that you are giving us the right to host, archive, download, modify, and distribute those images to the public. While actual copyright of the material remains yours, you give us the license to use your content and to make it viewable anywhere on our site, including our "picture archive," which compiles images from around the site primarily for the convenience of our upgraded Premium members. (We let you advertise for free because your promotional freebies help pay for this site's bandwidth by encouraging Premium subscriptions.) You are responsible for maintaining and making available the 18 U.S.C. 2257 statements where required by law. If the images you upload are not your intellectual property, you assume all responsibility to get permission to post them, and you bear all consequences of posting them.
UMDFetish PrivacyPrivacy is sacred and we will never share your e-mail address, real name, IP address, sales stats, purchase history, or visitation habits with any third party, including social networks. We do not find any moral or monetary value in compromising our users' information for marketing purposes.All pages and content you see on this site are transmitted to you via SSL, the same technology your bank's website uses. This voluntary measure prevents hackers and wifi snoops from watching what you do here. Your password is stored on our server in an encrypted state so nobody can read it, including us. We do not send any unsolicited email or spam, and our subscriptions are all opt-in only. We have a substantial set of privacy options for our members, including private and invisible profiles, anonymous shopping, and more. As with all websites, some basic information about your visit gets remembered by our server. We collect as little as possible, only as necessary for legal due diligence, for statistics, and for maintenance. This information is used to run the site, not to be shared with marketers or a 3rd party.This site uses cookies, which is a small piece of harmless data that your browser lets us store, to remember your various preferences and keep you logged in. We do not share them with anyone. They're for our eating only.Our biller Epoch handles all payments, so we never collect or store your payment or credit card information. Uploaded W9 and W-8BEN documents are stored permanently offline and not within our servers.We use Google Analytics for our anonymous statistics analysis, with all privacy options turned on. We do not run 3rd party advertisements which might track your habits.Please be reminded that content that you post here--text, photos, videos, Loves (heart clicks), and comments--is public, and will be seen by many people. Search engines can access it and once it's on the internet, it is indelible. You can choose available options such as the Private Profile preference and private forum posting to limit your username exposure to those who are not logged in, but we cannot control what users do who can see your content. So use judgement when you post, and everything will be cool.If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, you should contact us via our Contact Us page.
Safety coming soon.
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