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Vanessa Veridian's Clubwear Series--Selfie 3
Added 11 days ago    9 views
Basic black is the theme in this brief clip starring X-dresser Vanessa Veridian! An alternate, more intimate take on "Crossdresser ootd #16", Vanessa's teasing with a new mesh keyhole top and her favorite hip-hugging black shorts.
Vanessa Veridian's Clubwear Series--Selfie 2
Added 11 days ago    5 views
Vanessa's dressing for another night out in this selfie clip! An alternate version of "Crossdresser ootd #11", X-dresser Vanessa Veridian is sporting a slinky tube dress that clings in all the right places.
Vanessa Veridian's Clubwear Series--Selfie 1
Added 11 days ago    7 views
Is it date night tonight? Your new favorite crossdresser Vanessa Veridian seems to think so, sporting her little new velvet dress. This sexy cleavage-bearing item is on full display in this alternate selfie clip of "Crossdresser ootd #5."
Vanessa Veridian's Swimwear Series--Exclusive 1
Added 11 days ago    9 views
Deemed too racy for YouTube, the first of Vanessa Veridian's swimsuit sessions arrives on UMD Fetish! This clip features X-dresser Vanessa sporting a casual Spring/Summer outfit, but only until she strips down to a bikini that barely holds anything...
Vanessa Veridian's Swimwear Series--Exclusive 2
Added 11 days ago    11 views
Vanessa Veridian is back, this time clad in a French-cut inspired blue one-piece! Though it's a little more conservative than her last outing in a bikini, X-dresser Vanessa's legs are on full-tilt in this latest swimsuit modeling session!
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Vanessa Veridian's Lingerie Selfie Set: Volume 1
Added 6 days ago    10 views
It's time to dive into Vanessa Veridian's lingerie collection with the first of many clips! These three selfies feature X-dresser Vanessa clad in lingerie perfect for busty ladies, courtesy of Curvy Kate and Parfait!
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Vanessa Veridian's Red Dress Selfie Set: Volume 1
Added 6 days ago    21 views
Vanessa Veridian's red dresses from YouTube are back, this time with a set of selfie clips! There's a dress for the turtleneck lovers, spaghetti-strap fans, and more with these five shorts! Also legs are on display, because who doesn't love a nice...

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